Our Lactate threshold services

Lactate threshold

A test for individuals who want to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of their training. 

Your Lactate Threshold will determine your performance ability in endurance events.

Price £125

Approximately 50 minutes


Performed either on a treadmill or WattBike, the workload of the test increases in time intervals. This process continues until you reach your physiological maximum. Before the test, we will take a resting finger prick blood sample and at the end of each time interval.

We will identify:

  • Detailed lactate profile
  • Lactate threshold (with corresponding HR and workload)
  • Accurate HR training zones and pacing guidelines

All information collected is analysed and displayed within a detailed physiological report that is sent to you following the test. We will also provide recommendations on how to utilise the data to optimise your training.

Ideal for

Individuals training or competing in an endurance activity looking to gain an understanding of their performance limitations and how to maximise their training effectiveness. Essential for identifying your ideal race pace and accurate training zones which can be used to overcome training plateaus and optimise performance.

Combined Lactate Threshold & VO2 Max

Combine these two physiological tests to obtain a fully comprehensive understanding of your endurance performance and capacity.

Find out more about our VO2 Max testing here.

Price £195

Approximately 50 minutes


Performed using the same protocol as Lactate Threshold (see above), with additional breath-by-breath gas analysis wearing a face mask.

In addition to data from the Lactate Threshold Test, you will receive:

  • Accurate VO2 Max value
  • Running Economy (if you choose treadmill test)

All data is displayed within the physiological report received following the test, providing comprehensive analysis of your physiological response and how you can harness the data to optimise your training.

Lactate Threshold Re-test package

We highly recommend performing a secondary Lactate Threshold Test, because following a bout of targeted training, your lactate threshold will have improved. 

Your resulting race pace and training zones will have to adjust to this new lactate threshold if you wish to continue pushing the boundaries of your performance.

Price £200

12-months following initial test


Two Lactate Threshold tests to be used at any time within our working hours over a 12-month period.

Receive a more in-depth physiological report, displaying information from both tests to allow comparison.

Combined Lactate Threshold & VO2 Max Re-test package

Price £310

12-months following initial test


Two combined tests to be used at any time within our working hours over a 12-month period.

Receive a more in-depth physiological report, displaying information from both tests to allow comparison.

Elite Athlete Test

A comprehensive, sport specific physiological profile suitable for serious athletes of all levels. 

Find out more about our Elite Athlete Test here.

Price £225

Approximately 120 minutes


Receive a comprehensive battery of our physiological tests specific to your sport: 

  • Body composition assessment 
  • Enhanced sport-specific movement screen
  • Tissue capacity
  • Sport-specific speed / power / jump testing
  • Lactate threshold and VO2 Max combined

Following our Elite Athlete Test you will receive a detailed report. The report includes information about each test and its relevance to performance, individual data analysis and interpretation, comparison of values with normative data and elite athletes, recommendations for training and steps to improve performance, as well as specific heart rate training zones.

Ideal for

Individuals wanting to gain a deeper understanding of their physiology in order to take their performance to the next level.

Our experts

Tristan Baker | Head of Performance at GoPerform

Tristan Baker

Head of Performance

BSc, MSc (Strength & Conditioning), ASCC, CSCS

Tristan heads up our athletic performance department, he is a Loughborough University Sports Science graduate with an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from St Mary's University. 

Tristan has coached national and international athletes competing in Football, Formula 1, Athletics and Lacrosse as well as amateurs and professionals in Mixed Martial Arts, Rugby and Tennis. He is an accredited member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Ronan O'Sullivan

Ronan O'Sullivan

Strength and Conditioning Coach

GSR, BSc (Hons), MSc (High Performance Sports), NSCA (CSCS)

Ronan O'Sullivan is a Sports Rehabilitation graduate from IT Carlow, Ireland with an additional MSc in High Performance Sports (strength and conditioning) from UCAM Spain. Ronan has coached at NCAA D1, professional, semi-pro and amateur level athletes in rugby, football, baseball, gaelic football, hurling and golf in Ireland, Spain, USA and the UK. 

He is an NSCA certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and is passionate about coaching individuals to achieve their goal whatever their starting point. 

Jonny Nicholson

Jonny Nicholson

Performance Coach

BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science

Originally from Market Harborough, Jonny graduated with a first class degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Bath. 

Having had an exceptional year on our graduate internship programme we were delighted to offer him a permanent position in August 2021. He will take the lead on physiological testing, developing young athletes, and will continue to work as a performance coach offering 1-1 training, and coaching on our Elevate and Rehab Programmes.