Our Resting metabolic rate & Body composition services

Resting metabolic rate & Body composition test

For individuals wanting to understand their daily caloric needs, and understand more about their body composition. 

If you want to lose, gain, or maintain weight, a scientifically accurate understanding of your resting metabolic rate is essential. 

Price £80

Approximately 45 minutes


This test involves being fasted and sat at rest wearing a gas sampling mask. Our breath-by-breath analysis machine will determine the number of calories you consume to calculate your RMR. An accurate measure of your RMR can be used to establish an appropriate calorie intake for a desired goal.

Additionally, using skinfold calipers, the thickness of subcutaneous body fat is measured at different points across the body and calculations are used to determine body fat %.

You will receive a detailed report following the test, informing you on how to utilise your RMR data and body composition information.

Pre and Post test package

It is important to reassess your RMR following a weight-loss programme to allow further programmes to adjust for the variations in RMR caused by the change in bodyweight. 

This optimises progression towards a goal. An additional body composition assessment is also a valuable way to accurately assess changes in your body composition following a weight loss/gain programme.

Price £120

12-months after initial test


Two Resting Metabolic Rate and Body Composition tests to be used at any time within a 12-month period. We suggest having a test before and after a considerable loss or gain in weight, following a weight loss/gain programme.

Receive a detailed report to inform your diet plan and equip you with the necessary information to achieve your goal.

Our experts

Tristan Baker | Head of Performance at GoPerform

Tristan Baker

Head of Performance

BSc, MSc (Strength & Conditioning), ASCC, CSCS

Tristan heads up our athletic performance department, he is a Loughborough University Sports Science graduate with an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from St Mary's University. 

Tristan has coached national and international athletes competing in Football, Formula 1, Athletics and Lacrosse as well as amateurs and professionals in Mixed Martial Arts, Rugby and Tennis. He is an accredited member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Jonny Nicholson

Jonny Nicholson

Performance Coach

BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science

Originally from Market Harborough, Jonny graduated with a first class degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Bath. 

Having had an exceptional year on our graduate internship programme we were delighted to offer him a permanent position in August 2021. He will take the lead on physiological testing, developing young athletes, and will continue to work as a performance coach offering 1-1 training, and coaching on our Elevate and Rehab Programmes.