Physiological Testing Packages

Complete Endurance Package

For triathletes, cyclists, and runners of all levels, this is a comprehensive physiological profile that will help you understand and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Ask us about re-testing offers.

Price £295

Approximately 150 minutes

  •  Body composition assessment
  •  Lower limb explosive power, reactivity, and strength assessment
  •  Lactate threshold and VO2 Max (for cyclists - both available on turbo trainer)
Data obtained

Body composition assessment:

  • Body fat %
  • Sum of skinfolds

 Lower limb explosive power, reactivity, and strength assessment:

  • Jump height, force output, eccentric utilisation ratio, dynamic strength index (ratio between power and strength)
  • Reactive strength index - (stronger, more reactive foot/ankle complex = more efficient running)
  • Asymmetry assessment - identify weakness and instability
  • Maximal strength

Lactate threshold and VO₂ Max:

  • Detailed lactate profile, identifying LT1 and LT2
  • Heart rate training zones
  • Running economy (if test is completed on a treadmill) - VO₂ cost of exercise at sub-maximal intensities
  • VO₂ Max (mL/kg/min and L/min)
  • Max heart rate

Following the testing we will send you a detailed report. Within the report, we include information about each test and its relevance to your performance, individual data analysis and interpretation, comparison of values with normative data and elite athletes, recommendations for training, as well as specific heart rate training zones.

Complete Sport Package

For anyone competing in an individual or team sport, this package analyses every physical aspect of your game and identifies any strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to provide accurate training recommendations that will take you to the next level.

Price £265

Approximately 150 minutes


We will choose from a battery of physiological tests specific to your sport: 

  • Body composition - (Skinfold Caliper Assessment)
  • Lower limb explosive power:
    • Vertical power projection
    • Horizontal power projection
    • Asymmetry analysis
  • Maximal strength - (Force Plates)
  • Upper body and shoulder strength/stability (ASH Test)
  • Speed - (10m Sprint)
  • Agility - (5-0-5 Change of Direction Test)
  • Anaerobic Capacity - (6s Peak Power Test)
  • Aerobic Capacity and VO₂ Max estimation - (Maximum Minute Power Test)

All data is displayed within a detailed physiological report received following the test.

Also included

Following the testing, we will also offer you 50% off your first month on our Elevate Programme, where, guided by the testing results we will work closely with you to maximise your performance. 

This offer must be redeemed within 30 days following the date of your test.

Complete Force Plate Package

A comprehensive assessment of force, power production, and neuromuscular control through a variety of movements, measured using state-of-the-art force plates (Vald ForceDecks).

Price £195

Approximately 60 minutes


Lower limb explosive power:

  • Vertical power projection (Countermovement & Squat Jump, Single-Leg Jump, Reactive Hop Test)
  • Asymmetry analysis

Maximal strength - (Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull Test)

Upper body and shoulder strength/stability (ASH Test)

Following analysis of your testing results, we can provide detailed training recommendations to improve performance and reduce injury risk.

Our experts

Tristan Baker | Head of Performance at GoPerform

Tristan Baker

Head of Performance

BSc, MSc (Strength & Conditioning), ASCC, CSCS

Tristan heads up our athletic performance department, he is a Loughborough University Sports Science graduate with an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from St Mary's University. 

Tristan has coached national and international athletes competing in Football, Formula 1, Athletics and Lacrosse as well as amateurs and professionals in Mixed Martial Arts, Rugby and Tennis. He is an accredited member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is also a certified nutrition coach. 

Jonny Nicholson

Jonny Nicholson

Strength & Conditioning Coach | Physiological Testing Lead

BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science

Jonny has a desire to improve the accessibility of high-level physical training and testing support to enhance the performance and rehabilitation of everyday recreational athletes, young people, and training enthusiasts.

He currently leads the development and delivery of our physiological testing and young athlete programmes, and works as a performance coach offering 1-1 training and coaching on our Elevate and Rehab Programmes. 

Jonny holds a first class degree in (BSc) Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Bath. He has been coaching and delivering our services at GoPerform since 2020.

Will Hayler

Will Hayler

Strength & Conditioning Coach

BSc (Sport & Exercise Science), MSc (Sport Physiology)

Will holds a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science and an MSc in Sport Physiology from the University of Brighton. He is currently in the process of becoming a BASES accredited sport scientist.

He has good experience working in professional football and also had a very successful post graduate internship year at GoPerform. Most recently he worked as  academy sport scientist for Reading FC Academy where he was responsible for the U9-16s age groups. Will’s main interests are the long-term athletic development of youth athletes, and he works with many youth athletes across different sports and ages. Alongside this he works as a performance coach offering 1-2-1 training and coaching on our Elevate and Rehabilitation Programmes.