I'm sorry for being so late to the party but I am loving yoga right now. Since January I have been following a 10min/day yoga challenge and I feel so much more connected and open throughout my hips and back in particular. It prepares my body for work, helps me unwind each evening, and is the perfect antidote to the hours I spend travelling. It really doesn't matter that I'm not very good.

These characteristics seem to be at odds with so many of characteristics of the elite athletes and individuals I see in clinic. Where are the people nurturing their body through exercise without feeling the need to continuously compete or achieve? The current trend of quick high intensity exercise seems to mirror the consumerist approach to modern life.  The constant search for aesthetic perfection and PB's in the gym leaves so many broken, in pain and struggling to find restful sleep. Surely its not supposed to be like this?

Why can't we focus more on being  mentally and physically healthy as a whole person and leave behind the facade of simple aesthetics. Believe me having worked over the years with some incredible athletes there are a limited number of  individuals I can think of who truly had this balance and were actually peaceful and happy in themselves. Don't worry I've not turned into a hippy just yet!