It has been just over a month since GoPerform opened its doors in central Reading. Having always been employed it has been a rich experience developing a clinic from scratch. I have been delighted by the diverse range of people who have booked in, each with their own story and situation. Good bodywork and soft tissue therapy benefits everyone (its not exclusively for people in acute pain).

Several people have mentioned that they would love to see friends and family book an appointment. With this in mind we have produced Gift Certificates for appointments in the clinic. How about this for a Christmas present idea?!

Good outcomes and happy patients will be key to the success of GoPerform, the following Review has been of great encouragement in the past week and I will attach it to finish;



'' I've been to see plenty of masseurs, osteos and physiotherapists over the years, Dan Buchanan is the first I've met who covers the full spectrum of skills. This makes for superb treatment as you can discuss all aspects of your physical wellbeing rather than having fragmented care that isn't quite joined up. And if Dan doesn't have the skills he has a superb network of professional contacts he can tap into to get you sorted.

I had a horrible accident back in 2014 that broke a lot of bones including my spine/sternum, Dan is the first soft tissue specialist who didn't flinch at the thought of working on my back. Dan's support has helped reduce pain and allowed me to push on with exercise to get me back to full fitness.''



Enjoy the Christmas period,